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Holiday Schedule


Mon. Dec. 24th, X-Mas Eve 11am-2pm ONLY

Tues. Dec. 25th, X-mas Day Closed

Weds. Dec. 26th, Day after X-mas 11am-2pm ONLY

Thursday, Friday, Saturday= Regular

Mon. Dec. 31st, New Years Eve, Regular schedule but NO 7pm

Tues. Jan. 1st, New Years Day 4pm,5pm,6pm ONLY

New Schedule For Beginners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you are brand new to CrossFit and want to try out one of our classes then you must come to one of our FREE Saturday classes that is for beginners only at 9am. Please get there about 10 minutes early so that you can fill out the waiver and be ready to go right when the class starts.

If you are a new member, you will need to complete all 6 ramp up classes with Eli before coming in for any of the regular classes. They will be every Monday, Weds and Thursday at 5:30pm. The ramp up classes are for NEW MEMBERS ONLY. If you are not a member yet then you have to attend one of the 9am Saturday classes first.

For all of our existing members, the schedule is going to stay the same for you. If you feel like a refresher on some of the the foundation movements of crossfit, or have not yet done all of the ramp up classes yourself, you are more then welcome to come in and go through the classes with Eli. It is actually highly encouraged. We are trying to make all of the classes run a lot more smoothly so that we can focus on getting all of our clients training at a more efficient, higher and safer threshold.


oh holds2

For those of you who haven’t seen it yet. We have a bin for toys at the gym right by the water cooler. Anything is greatly appreciated. We already have almost one garbage can full of toys, let’s try to get a second one filled up. Every toy that gets donated will be dropped off at the Fremont fire house where they will donate the toys to the toys for tots program.

Weds. W.O.D.
10 minute AMRAP
12 pull ups
12 Pistols (alternating)
12 hr push ups

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
4 rounds for time
5 power snatches #115/75
10 bb step ups on 20″ box #115/75
20 lateral over the bar burpees
with a 30sec overhead hold every 3 minutes

Monday’s W.O.D.
3 rounds for time
7 front squats #185/120
21 kb swings #70/24
400 meter run

Thanksgiving Schedule!!!!!!!!!!

mojos sunday

Sorry to all those who went to celebrate the weight loss challenge this weekend. I was unable to make it because I was welcoming a new sister in law into the family! Congrats to my brother Jim and Jacki on getting married this weekend. I love both of you and am happy as hell for you.

I heard though that some how the CrossFit of Fremont crew was still able to have a good time with out me.

We will have a regular schedule on Weds. all day with the only exception being NO 7PM CLASS.
Thursday “Turkey Day” We will only be open for one class at 9am that all are invited to. Hopefully that will give everyone a chance to get a wod in and then go home, shower change and travel to where ever you can find a Paleo meal.
Friday the 23rd, we WILL NOT HAVE A MORNING class at 6:30. We will be offer a special 9am class and then regular friday evening with a 4,5 and 6pm class.

2 weeks of Ramp Ups!!!!!

We have had nothing but new faces in the gym lately and we need to make sure that every one gets caught up. For the next 2 weeks starting today, every week day other then Friday we will be doing ramp up classes at 5 and 6pm for every one who still needs to go through them in the evening. If you are new and have not completed ALL of your ramp up classes, please make sure that you make as many of these classes as possible.

We will be celebrating the end of the Paleo Challenge this Sunday November 18th at Mojo’s at 1pm. Together we lost 205lbs in 6 weeks. I am a man of my word, so come and join us for $205 worth of bar food. That is a lot of potato skins and chicken fingers. Amazing job to all who stuck with it the full 6 weeks. Brian dropped the most weight in the challenge out of every one losing 25.5lbs. Suz was a close second dropping 20lbs, and Suz did it with her first month with us. Great job Suz!!! Annie and Joey did not skip one workout in 6 weeks. They both made all 36 wods. That is a remarkable thing to do. There is always going to be some type of excuse why you can’t make it to the gym. Annie and Joey made excuses to get into the gym.

Wed’s W.O.D.
30 kettbell snatches right arm #53/35
800 meter run
30 kettlebell snatches left arm #53/35

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
3- rounds for time
20- power cleans #95/65
20- hr push ups
Monday’s W.O.D.

3-rounds for time with a 20 minute cap
5- front squats #165/115
18-pull ups
5-dead lifts #225/155
18-toes to bar
5-push jerks #165/115
18- hand release push ups



We have had a ton of new faces in the gym lately and we need to make sure that we get every one caught up to speed. If you are new and have not attended any or all 3 of the ramp up classes please try and do so in the next 2 weeks. It will help you get feel a lot more comfortable with the wods and it will help to make sure the all of the classes run as smooth as possible. We will be updating the white board in the hallway, the website and facebook with the dates and times when we will be having them. So please be on the look out and try to make them.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I sure hope Monique had fun making up this wod for her birthday, because she sure did’nt make any friends by making all of us do it with her.

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
35- wall balls for buy in
then 5 rounds of
7- squat cleans #95/65
7- bar facing burpees
7- kettle bell swings
7- box jumps
35- double unders
then 35 wall balls cash out
for time with a 25 minute time cap

Monday’s W.O.D.
Find your 1RM power clean and push jerk
3 rounds for time
7- power cleans @70% of your 1rm
14- bar facing burpees
200 meter sprint

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!


Thursday’s W.O.D.
3 rounds for time
10 alternating pistols
15 thrusters #95/65
400 meter run

Wed’s W.O.D.
“Med Ball Love”
20 min AMRAP
15 alternating push ups
15 sit to stands
15 med ball slams
15 jump backs
15 wall balls
15 overhead walking lunges
HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gotta love Annie. She dressed up for me as Halloween. Great costume Annie!

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
Kettle bell “Isabel”
30 kettle bell snatches left arm #53/35
30 kettle bell snatches right arm

Monday’s W.O.D.
4 minutes max handstand push ups
1 minute rest
4 minutes max double unders
1 in rest
4 minutes max sit to stands
Total reps for score

WARRIOR DASH!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you to all the members who came out and ran the warrior dash this weekend. Once again when the CrossFit of Fremont crew comes together it was a great time with even better people. Here are some of the pictures from the madness!

WE WILL HAVE A REGULAR SHCEDULE FOR HALLOWEEN ALL DAY LONG EXCEPT FOR THE 7PM CLASS. WE WILL BE CLOSED WEDS OCTOBER 31ST AT 7PM!!!!!! The paleo challenge is over and it is time to get some candy! Please make sure that all of you who were in the paleo challenge do your final weigh in tonight and update the board so we can get final number. Then we will announce the date for the Mojo’s celebration day.

The Gym Will Be Closed This Saturday

erik ohs

We will not be open this Sat. October 27th. All of the trainers and some members are going to be participating in the Warrior Dash! It will be CrossFit of Fremont’s third year in a row doing it. It should be a blast. For all of you who are going, lets get together and carpool down. We will put something up on the white board so we can all figure it out.

We are 5 weeks into our paleo challenge with only one week left. We have lost over 200lbs so far together. Stay strict this week and finish strong and let’s drop some more weight together. So far Brian is in the lead with -22lbs……..Who is gonna catch him?

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
5 rounds for time
400 meter run
15 OHS #95/65

Monday’s W.O.D.
For Time
20 ring push ups
20 jumping lunges (each leg)
20 explosive push ups
20 jumping lunges
20 elevated push ups
20 jumping lunges
20 hand release push ups
20 jumping lunges

Thanks Team CrossFit of Fremont!!!!!


Thank you to Cody, Monique, Joe and Del who were out doing an onsite for us at a local health fair. They got to introduce some CrossFit rookies to Tabata, and that is always a good time! And thank you Revance for inviting us out.

Thursday’s W.O.D.
Box jumps #30/24
Kettle bell swings #70/53
with 30 double unders between each set
for time

Wed’s W.O.D.
10-ring dips
400 meter run
20-handstand push ups
400 meter run
30 hand release push ups
400 meter run
40 pull ups
400 meter run
for time

Tuesday’s W.O.D.
Using one barbell the whole time #95/65
for time
25- burpee dead lifts
25- jump backs
25- cleans
25- push press
25- front squats
25- barbell wipers (50 total)
25- push jerks
25- ab roll outs
25- back squats
25- snatches

Monday’s W.O.D.
400 meter run
15- front squats #135/95
for time

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