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“CrossFit Total” today

Today was strictly a power day. There was no time component for today’s wod. We let people come in, get warmed up and then let them take as much time as they needed to to work up to their one rep max on all three lifts. We had PR’s getting crushed all day long. With Armando killing it and getting the high number of the day of 1,010lbs tying the gyms record. Awesome job man, and to every one else who hit a new pr today. Lets keep up the momentum and keep the hard work coming.
Tuesday’s W.O.D.
Crossfit Total
find your one rep max for each of the following three lifts
Back Squat
Your score is your total combined weight from all three lifts.

Monday’s W.O.D.

20 minute AMRAP
5-Pull ups
10- Hand Release Push Ups
15- Air Squats

108 lbs lost in 2 weeks

We are only 2 weeks into our Paleo Challenge and so far we have lost 108lbs together. And only about half of the people in the challenge has had their second weigh in so far. Fantastic job to all of you. I know Paleo might be a little hard for some of you sometimes, but keep it up. Going into the challenge we set a 100lb weight loss goal for all of us together. Since we smashed that in the first 2 weeks, we are going to double it. We are now going for a 200lb drop between all of us at the gym. Stay strong, and keep it up. Together we can get there easily.
On a personal note, I just want to say congrats to my dad for staying strict on Paleo for 2 Weeks with no cheats. I know he has not cheated because his go to food is plain Lays potato chips. So I emptied all of his chips out of the bag, cut up newspaper and put it in the chip bag. I know that he has not found this himself, because I have not been called any names, lol. Congrats pops, stay strong!

Open WOD

Here’s a good video to get ready for the open on Saturday.

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